Dear Residents, 

We need you, and we need all of you, to engage and oppose the removal of the Wapping Bus gate. Please would you all email our London Assembly representative - 

Unmesh Desai –

With copies to - 

London Mayor Sadiq Khan at: 

The Mayor of Tower Hamlets: 

The Director of Public Realm: 

Cllr. Abdal Ullah –Local councillor at: 

Cllr. Amy Lee – Local councillor at: 

St Katharine and Wapping Ward panel: 

Please state in your own words the likely impact that removing the Wapping Bus Gate will have on our community, particularly in relation to community safety and pollution. 

Mayor Lufter Rahman’s approach towards removing the Wapping Bus Gate is in direct opposition to the Mayor of London’s ‘London environment Strategy’. 

Transport for London part financed the installation of the Wapping Bus Gate, and it pre-dates the Liveable Street Programme & LTN initiatives. 

The Wapping Bus Gate is not a road closure. The Wapping Bus Gate is timed to deal with rat running from the Highway. At all other times and at weekends it does not operate. The Rat runners do not have to live with the consequences of its removal. 

We have until the 27th of July to get as many residents as possible to oppose the removal of the Wapping Bus Gate. Please pass onto your friends and neighbours. 

Thank you, Wapping 

ST KATHARINE & WAPPING WARD PANEL                                                                             21st July 2022