What is Online Watch Link, 'OWL'?

OWL imageOWL image
  • A deterrent to burglars, car thieves and unscrupulous door-to-door callers
  • Neighbours watching out for one another and working together to report suspicious activity
  • More direct communication from the police about local incidents, (alerts and advice)
  • Advice on improving your own home security
  • Support from your local NHW coordinator and your community police officer/s
  • An added sense of security through being in a neighbourhood watch
  • Improved community spirit - get to know your neighbours
Sign up to OWL at www.owl.co.uk

Please review the below video -


St Katharine & Wapping Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panel
(a non-political Group of Volunteers, working with the Police, Local Authority and Residents to make the Ward a Safer
Place in which to live and work)