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Chinee Embassy - Planning Application - Royal Mint Court

  • Date: 17/11/2022 23:59 - 17/11/2022 23:59
  • Location Online Event


Members of the Committee of the Friends of St Katharine Docks (FOSKD) have been involved for the last two years in the Planning consultation over the building of a new Chinese Embassy at the Royal Mint Court site, opposite St Katharine Docks at Tower Hill. 

The LBTH Planning Directorate have now set a date for this Application to be heard by the Strategic Development Committee which will meet on Thursday 1st December 2022. This is a complex matter involving some challenging security issues, some of which remain unresolved at this time. Representations on this matter need to be filed by midnight on 17th November. We realise that this is very short notice, so FOSKD have supplied three documents to aid you in making a representation in time if you wish and you agree with the stance taken by FOSKD as set out in the two letters of representation. 

21 07 30 Royal Mint Court Planning Application Interim Comments.pdf

22 11 16 Embassy Application Ltr of Representation.pdf

These include an interim letter written in July 2021 and the second letter finalised on the 16/11/22. 

The below document is a proforma email which you can adapt to send in your own representation if you wish. Please make careful note of the remarks highlighted in red in that proforma email.


Thank you in advance if you wish to make a representation on this matter. 

St Kathrine & Wapping Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panel

(a non-political Group of Volunteers, working with the Police, Local Authority and Residents to make the Ward a Safer
Place in which to live and work)