Update from your Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panel - June 2019

Dear Resident,

The St Katharine & Wapping Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panel has been actively monitoring ongoing issues of anti social behaviour across the Ward. The Hermitage Memorial Park is recognized as an historic location for ASB.

The Ward Panel have worked with the Online Watch Link (OWL) and Cinnabar Wharf Management to provide and install solar-powered motion-sensor lighting to the Hermitage Memorial park. The lights have been installed to the 2 blind spots closest to the River in the park and hope to make those areas less hospitable for those wishing to commit ASB and the occasional rough-sleepers. The Ward Panel hopes this addition will add to the other measures being employed to tackle ASB in this location. However, nothing replaces Residents own vigilance and repeated reporting to LBTH on their ASB reporting portal:


Following a recent meeting with Council Officials to review the operation of this reporting portal, we are pleased to learn that St Katharine and Wapping Ward Residents make nearly one quarter of all reports to them, far out-numbering the next ward with 16%. Please do keep up this level of reporting – it is being noticed by the Council Officials and importantly helps build their community-led intelligence database.

We are grateful to the Online Watch Link (OWL), who supplied the motion-sensor lighting and to Cinnabar Wharf Residents Association who paid for the installation.

Whilst all forms of ASB can be reported to LBTH on the above reporting link, specific Crimes, including Drug Dealing; Dangerous Driving; Imminent Danger to life or property, should be reported directly to the Police by dialing 999.