The Local Safer Neighbourhood Police Team (SNT) - September 2020



All future correspondence (where no urgent response is required) to our local police team should now use this email address. Their old address is being deleted. 

2) On 24th August, the Ward Panel organised a walkabout with the SNT and the Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Officer with responsibility for St Katharine & Wapping. 

We specifically involved Residents in the following hotspot areas either during the walkabout or later via our Resident Development Network:

•   St Katharine's Way 

•    Memorial Gardens

•    Waterside Gardens. 

Residents at these locations were able to relay to the Police and Council the significant problems being experienced by them. 

3) As a direct result of item 2 (above) 

The SNT organised a dispersal zone in place for 24 hours from 6pm on Saturday 5th September until 6pm on Sunday 6th September. They patrolled until late evening/night with the Council Enforcement Officers (THEO’s), speaking to several males, however no vehicles were seen parked up nor persons committing anti-social behaviour on that evening.

This patrol covered most of St Katharine and Wapping Ward.  A further patrol of THEO’s was organised by the Council for late evening on Saturday 11th September.  We are informed that similar patrols will take place again in the near future, targeting the specific areas with Anti-social Behaviour issues that residents have reported, either to the Ward Panel or to the Police and Council directly.

Please continue to report each and every incident of ASB. Find all reporting links on our website and/or for more information about the Ward Panel go to:

St Katharine & Wapping Ward Panel                                                                       September 2020