Shared Space Guidelines

Shared Space Guidelines

For Residents living within Developments

Ten points to make our community safer!

The following guidelines have been passed to us to help residents remain safe throughout the current Covid19 situation.

1. One household in the lift at a time.

2. Don’t pass on the stairs or in confined spaces.

3. Check the passage through the lobby is clear, before you enter or leave by a front gate.

4. Please securely close all rubbish bags, and put it in one of the bins.

5. Try not to use bare hands on lift buttons, fire doors or handrails.

6. It’s really important children also follow these guidelines.

7. Remember to disinfect the outside of your front door wherever it is touched.

8. If you have cleaning wipes please disinfect the fire door.

9. Think about whether you need to use the lift.

10. If you are self-isolating you should not go out at all and follow Government guidelines. Detailed guidance on what to do if you are self-isolating can be found at the following NHS link

St Katharine and Wapping Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panel