Recent Thefts and Burglaries

Dear Residents, 

There have been a number of thefts, scoping of developments and trying garage doors in the past months. We would urge residents to report anything they witness to the Police Safer Neighbourhood Team, (SNT) at the email address given below. Even if a crime has not been committed the intelligence of anyone acting suspiciously or actively probing a location could be of assistance to the Police in making an arrest. 

From your MET Police Safer Neighbourhood Team – 

“We are aware of recent reports of thefts and burglaries in and around St Katharines and Wapping, including suspicious activity which appears to be related to these offences. We would kindly ask that residents please report any such suspicious activity (such as doors or garages attempting to be entered by unauthorised persons) to us even when no actual theft or burglary takes place, as any intelligence relating may assist us in any ongoing enquiries. Regarding this please feel free to contact us on our Ward email address: (please note it is not monitored 24/7). In an emergency please call 999 or if non-emergency 101 or 101 online.” 

Please share with friends, family and local residents

St Katharine & Wapping Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panel