MPS Turnaround Plan - March 2023

The Turnaround Plan: More Trust, Less Crime and High Standards

The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Mark Rowley, has officially launched his Turnaround Plan, which details how the Met will achieve its mission of More Trust, Less Crime and High Standards. The Plan also looks at refreshed values for its people, and sets out nine priority areas that require specific attention.

The Met has been listening to communities, partners and its staff, officers and volunteers, to create the Plan, but this is the start of the process. The Plan that has been published is a draft that will be shared with partners and communities to get their feedback, particularly on those changes related to the Met’s approach to neighbourhood policing, community engagement and diversity and inclusion. This feedback will then be used to shape the final version of the Plan that will be published in May 2023.

Once you have downloaded and looked through the Plan we would encourage you to take part in the survey so that the Met can hear from you. 

The Met will collate this feedback over the next few months, to ensure its Plan considers your views so that you can ultimately hold the Met to account. Your participation is key to our success.

 Turnaround Plan

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