Hazardous e-Bikes and Scooters Obstructing Pedestrian Paths

Dear Residents, Residents are experiencing problems with pavements and paths being blocked by abandoned e-bikes and scooters. These are particularly hazardous for the elderly, infirm, wheelchair users and parents with prams.   

This is what Dr Farrelly from the Wapping Group Practice had to say -  

"Dr Farrelly senior partner at Wapping Group Practice recognises that the hire bicycles that are abandoned on Wapping streets pose a hazard to our patients. Especially, to our elderly and vulnerable groups, wheelchair users and parents with prams or young children, who are forced into the road to avoid them. I am equally concerned for any visually impaired patients for whom these unexpected obstacles create a major road safety issue.” 

If you witness an e-bike or e-scooter blocking a pavement then please report to -

highwaysenforcement@towerhamlets.gov.uk Your report should include – 

  1. Bike/scooter hire company name
  2. Bike/scooter identification if available
  3. A precise location. Example ‘Corner of Wapping High Street and Knighton Street’ or ‘Outside 144 Wapping High Street’
  4. A description of the obstruction or hazard it is causing

St Katharine & Wapping Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panel